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Global Threat Trends – January 2010
The Top Ten Threats for January 2010 at a Glance.
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Posted by VMD - [Virtual Marketing Department]

The Pillars Of Modern Web Protection
Today’s rapidly evolving web threats and the instant exploitation of any vulnerability by malware authors means that it is simply not enough for businesses to protect their email and endpoint systems. They need to act now to ensure that surfing the web at work poses no threat to IT security, to network resources or to staff productivity. In addition to good preventive practice such as rigorous patching and educating users about the risks of browsing, it is vital that organizations implement a comprehensive web security solution, comprising three key pillars of protection which are:
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Posted by ROOT Technologies

The Most Disruptive Technologies
Here's a look at the technologies Gartner analysts voted most likely to succeed at changing the face of business.

Gartner analysts at the Gartner Symposium/ITxpo 2008 in Las Vegas discussed what they believe will be the most disruptive technologies through 2012. Disruptive technologies are those that force changes in industry models, business processes, vendor types, products and services, as well as the all-important user model. Take a look at this list and tell us whether you think something has been omitted or just plain doesn't belong. This list is ranked in order from least disruptive to most disruptive.

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Posted by ROOT Technologies

What is your favourite search engine?

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