Tuesday,28 June, 2022

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Success Story: New Cabling At Schiphol Data Center In Amsterdam

New cabling throughout both data centres supporting all ICT operations at Schiphol Group in Airport Amsterdam. Forceful electromagnetic interference throughout the entire location. Extreme levels of reliability required for air and ground traffic operations and for airport security and services. Additional system security to minimize disrupton from unauthorised technical work.


A copper cabling solution from R&M provides the security, operational stability and reliability required to sustain the demands in this exacting environment. Strict vetting and security requirements were furthermore a demand for the installation partner for the project, Elsenga Installatietechniek. Elsenga is a sunsidiary of Schiphol Group and also a certified R&M QPP-partner.

By installing R&M Real10 System Cat. 6 S/FTP cabling the entire network system succesfully shields off the heavy electromagnetical interference. This is achieved through entirely shielded connections leaving no room for network disturbance. Additionally, the cables used are thinner and more flexible than unshielded Cat. 6 cables, meaning greater ease of installation in the densely packed racks. The innovative R&M 2HE Global patch panel allows higher levels of port density than commonly known, yet maintains a high level of ease of use and maintenance.

A large proportion of the connections were pre-assembled off site by R&M and Elsenga, thus minimizing disruption at site and installation costs. This further limited the need for external technical assistance, enhancing network security.


The R&M solution commendably lives up to the demands for performance and security set by Shiphol Group. All passive infrastructure has been successfully re-installed, and the environment succesfully avoids or shields the massive interference by which it is surrounded. Upgrade of both data centres to full 10Gbit Ethernet. A fully qualified network service delivery at high availability.

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Posted by VMD - [Virtual Marketing Department]

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