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IP Telephony Components And Protocols

IP Telephony solutions are applicable in all environments in which legacy telephony installations can be found, including home users, SMBs, large enterprises, and carriers. Even though the deployment environment and customer requirements for IP Telephony solutions differ, the design approach remains the same. Topology, performance, and budget considerations drive the choices of equipment and protocols following the identification of the stakeholder requirements.

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Get The Penguin Power Now!

Welcome to the article where I shine the rays of the open source movement unto the unbelievers. that was a mouthful, what I meant is that I can imagine many of my readers are still lurking in the dark lands of closed source, chained to their software by the proprietary formats they have been using. They heard about open-source, yet they have no idea why would they make the switch. Worse yet, many IT managers and consultants shy away from the idea.

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Egypt: A Hotbed For Mobility

The Egyptian telecom industry is one of the fastest growing markets in the Middle East and North Africa. In particular the country is better positioned over regional peers due to the following:

• Robust and developed telecom and mobile sector with growing demand.

• Liberalized telecom and mobile sector open to competition.

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Single Communications Infrastructure For Voice And Data
By: Mohamed Shaker

In this article we will talk about Single Communications Infrastructure for Voice and Data, The second factor that we have to take in our consideration when designing any kind of an IP Telephony solution.

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The Iso 17799 The Definite Guide For Security Geeks (Part 5)

In the Fifth part of this series we will discuss how the ISO standard look at the company assets, how should companies classify it, manage the inventory and hold people accountable for it.

The clause is called Asset Classification and control; it talks about the need to make all the company assets accountable for and to have a named owner.

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