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IP Telephony Solutions And Network Availability
By: Mohamed Shaker

One aspect of voice communications that requires serious consideration during the design stage is a high service availability expectation on the part of telephony users. You need to obtain answers to the following questions:

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Advices For IT Organizations
Listed below is a list of the mistakes in which wrong decisions can lead to costly project overruns, business disasters, and in the worst cases, lost jobs. Read on, takes notes and avoid.
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Ip Telephony … It Is The Time …
After ten years of development, IP Telephony Solution is finally a grown-up technology. IP Telephony Solution is based on end-to-end Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology, which allows the integration between voice calls and data applications over IP-based data networks and the Internet. For the last century, telephone technology has largely been proprietary. The interoperability with desktop and other applications, if not impossible, was tremendously expensive, very rare and hard to implement. Phone and data networks have been distinct separate technologies, each with their own equipment, software and requiring their own support personnel. Now, the introduction of open standards IP Telephony changes all this and promises something new.
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IT In Critical Business
In today’s business world we're delegating to IT more responsibility for carrying out the day-to-day functions that keep our businesses, governments and schools working. Thus the importance and the value of IT have been raised till it reached almost the importance of the business itself. For instance, a vehicle, which is just a means of transportation, is so valuable as it carries human beings. Nowadays-out of the importance and value of IT-we use the new expression “Business Continuity”.
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Ideal IT Organizations
The perfect IT environment is designed to exceed the enterprise's strategic goals while nurturing the individual to achieve exceptional productivity and job satisfaction. An ideal IT environment should have clear objectives that are completely aligned for success. Besides, it should set strategic decisions that can easily and effectively cope with the changing business environment. It should be cost effective and should adapt a culture where honesty, mutual respect and job satisfaction flourish.
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