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The Iso 17799 The Definite Guide For Security Geeks (Part 7)
By: Omar Sherin from Egypt

In this part of the ISO series we will discuss the 8th section of the standard, this section (Communication and Operations Management) deals with how a typical organization should handle its IT operations.

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By: Tamer Abdel Kader from Egypt

For many years, the barcode-based systems have dominated the FMCG & supply chain markets. But many expect this era to dim; as the new Radio Frequency Identification (RFId) is strongly preparing to take this place.

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IT Policy & Security Compliance (Part Two)

SIEM deployments cut across organizations’ boundaries. In IT you can expect to involve stakeholders in architecture, operations, help-desk, and security functions. Within business management, you may need support from finance, HR, compliance, risk management, and the sponsoring C-level executive. It’s essential that any SIEM project secure buy-in from all stakeholders before work begins in earnest. Once the team is assembled, you are then ready for the 4-step process to perfect SIEM preparation.

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Egypt: A Hotbed For Mobility

The Egyptian telecom industry is one of the fastest growing markets in the Middle East and North Africa. In particular the country is better positioned over regional peers due to the following:

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Home Networks (Part Two)
By Reichle & De-Massari (R&M)

Although many houses will stand for centuries, a lot of cabling systems won't last a single decade. That's because communications are more demanding nowadays, incorporating voice, entertainment, information and home office applications. You can't get by any more with just a phone socket in the corridor and individual add-on extensions.
The necessary infrastructure has to be planned – for new buildings just as much as for those being renovated. In principle, the same well-proven and tested technologies can be used as in the office world. With intelligent planning, the additional costs are moderate, and the installation increases the long-term value of the building. This article points out the factors that need to be taken into account.

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